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Interior design


The target of Lab19zero2 is to customize the offer by tailoring it to the customer, taking into account his budget, through a preliminary analysis of the project with inspection, where necessary, the assessment of needs, criticalities and strengths of the project and the search for the most suitable solutions.


Decorate the home
under the banner of design

Lab19zero2 also specializes in interior design, using experience and sensitivity in the choice of furnishings, accessories and the combination of lights and colors, for unique and refined environments.

The staff directly follows all the operational steps of the work, taking care of customizing homes, commercial structures and public places by carrying out a complete contract supply from surfaces to furnishings. We have a section dedicated to making more sophisticated and refined public places such as bars and restaurants or accommodation facilities such as hotels, farmhouses and mansions, also playing with combinations and contrasts. Lab19zero2 also offers a selection of outdoor and indoor furniture as well as particular objects for the home and kitchen, favoring natural materials and design elements.

The home bathroom has now become an important and nerve center space in the organization of the family.
For this reason it must be well designed on a functional level but at the same time the new needs require that it is also beautiful and relaxing, equipped with the most current taps and, when necessary, able to hide a laundry room.
We at Lab19zero2 are specialize in the realization of bathrooms and spas and in the selection of finishes and bathroom furniture. Even in the case of renovations within offices or business centers, there are intelligent and innovative solutions with which to better integrate the service spaces into the workplace.
In the case of hotels, farms and public places, there are various elegant and highly effective solutions, specifically designed to impress guests in a discreet way. The long experience in the realization of bathrooms and spas and the knowledge of the sector allow us to make the most of the conditions of the structure to customize every detail to the maximum. In the photos some examples of private projects, offices or bathrooms in the hotel sector. Each of our bathrooms is unique and tailor-made according to customer needs.
Where there is the possibility of inserting more bathrooms, one of them can become a real equipped spa.

The kitchen is today the fulcrum of the home, an open and sharing space where the separation from the living area is increasingly blurred. To meet the needs of contemporary living, Lab19zero2 has selected a range of kitchens and open elements to be modular and customized according to the customer's needs. The offer includes the design model, the elegant and modern kitchen, the industrial style solution and the choice with a romantic and traditional flavor. By combining the exclusive finishings of Lab19zero2 with the kitchens, the unique and distinctive result is guaranteed.

surfaces / eco-sustainability

Cutting edge materials,

Today Lab19zero2 is able to offer a complete, current and original range of solutions able to satisfy the most demanding customers in a proactive and personalized way, while respecting the environment.

The constant research and selection of materials over the years through travel, participation in fairs and the experience gained in the field, has allowed LAb19zero2 to establish direct collaborative relationships with the best and most particular Italian manufacturing companies, but also some interesting foreign companies, be they large industries or small artisan businesses. The access and direct line with Italian and international factories makes the company competitive on the market and capable of providing solutions of great interest to the designer who wants to stand out from the crowd and needs new proposals for a demanding and refined clientele.

The "green" aspect of eco-sustainability is always considered to be decisive in the choice of procurement of materials. In fact, Lab19zero2 prefers natural or eco-sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, mortar and stone, decorative papers and certified tile companies that operate in respect of the environment, controlling or offsetting their own impact in terms of emissions. and consumption with the use of renewable sources.

We offer complete solutions, from the wide range of outdoor finishes to the selection of furnishings, lasting over time and with a sure aesthetic taste. With the utmost care for design and materials, we satisfy the wishes of the client by creating unique outdoor spaces in every detail.
In addition, stones and gres to pave terraces and gardens, stone walls to create suggestive backdrops, wooden decking for the pool edges and walkways, ceramic mosaics from Costa Smeralda and stones for covering natural swimming pools, lighting for pathways and projectors to light up the greenery that surrounds the residences.
A correct landscape study can transform even the smallest spaces into usable corners in the summer.
The outdoor world interpreted by Lab19zero2 sees captivating resistant and washable outdoor furniture in different styles and materials of your choice, complete with luxury accessories such as fridge bar trolleys or easily movable barbecues.

We are Innovation

The projects are signed by well-known designers from the Apulian, national and, sometimes, international scene.

We do Research

The curious and eclectic attitude and the passion of the staff make Lab19zero2's offer unique and distinctive.

Focus on Design

We work with sensitivity and attention at every stage, from design to material execution.

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